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Last Leg

The 8 boat rides are over and the last of 8 plane flights is departing in 3 and 1/2 hours (a 14 hour flight). Vic and I are in a Costa Coffee enjoying a slice of English apple pie and a coffee. We are looking forward to seeing our family and you, our church family, […]

In Transit

We just landed in J- and are waiting four hours till our next flight to A.D.  At lunch, we debriefed and discussed our plan for the Sunday morning service. Each of us will be speaking about the trip. Ramadan has started, so folks are not eating and drinking during the day. We were at the airport when […]

A Day Before Departure

Last night was a delightful evening with the C family. We enjoyed a meal together with them and said our hard goodbyes. We experienced so much with K and walked with him through some of what may prove to be monumental ministry moments. Day after day of new and developing experiences for him and us […]

A Hot and a Cot

A hot and a cot. That was what soldiers have often longed for when in the field. My hot was a hot shower rather than a hot meal. It’s been two weeks since I’ve enjoyed a shower like the one I’ve just had. Today, we awoke in J-, a city about three hours south of […]

L’s birthday

Today was the first day since we flew out 10 days ago that we haven’t been on the road, in a boat of some kind or streaking across the sky. But, though it is just after 3pm, we are wiped out. We just can’t hang with a crew of kids sugar saturated and bouncing from […]

We’re in S-!

We are here, at the C’s home in S. We are delighted to be here–doubly so as tomorrow is L’s birthday party. It has been so refreshing to watch and feel the rush of joy as K greeted S and the children. The day has been a long one, with two flights and two sizable […]

A Taste of 1 Peter Devotions

I mentioned earlier that we determined to have daily devotions together from 1 Peter. It has been so wonderful to share the Word together. We literally shine from the joy received from the mutual excitement and interest in the Word and, more importantly, the remarkable richness of the Word for us as His people. I’ve […]

B to S

After waking yesterday, we were brought some yucca and coconut for breakfast. The yucca tasted delicious, much like a potato. We tore down our gear and shared conversations with people who walked into our dwelling to greet us. Many came in simply to sit with us and not talk. We asked one of the people […]

B History

B History Near the end of our evening in B, M took time to share with us the history of the village. It is an artificial village, started in 2005 and dedicated in 2009 after the government completed its building projects there. The built two school houses, an official’s office and home, laid down a […]