Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is non-denominational, global, in-depth Bible class encouraging passionate commitment to Christ, His word and His church.

The vision is to magnify God and mature His people by cultivating a deeper relationship with Him. The BSF Children’s Program, teaches the adult study lessons in a way that is accessible to kids ages 0-5 years old and school aged kids K-2nd grade.

BSF starts the 2021-2022 year with a new study on Wednesday, 9/15, called The Unexpected King: Matthew’s Account of Jesus.  The long-awaited Messiah first promised in Genesis surprised everyone. He was not the kind of Savior people were looking for then … or now.

Gentle and compassionate to the marginalized yet bold in confronting religious institutions, Jesus came to make rebels His children. Forging the only path to forgiveness and salvation, Jesus deserved a crown of glory but willingly wore a crown of thorns. His death looked like defeat but brought eternal victory.

Embracing the words of Jesus will change your life.

Who is Jesus? What do His words have to do with your life? How can Jesus possibly bring peace and satisfaction to your life and broken world today? Explore God’s answers to these questions and more in community.

In our groups, we will walk through the book of Matthew chapter by chapter, exploring God’s Word in context.  Women’s Morning meetings and the Children’s Program will be in-person. There is a virtual option for adult women only. This year, we will start a School Program, so we will have classes for kids ages 2-8 years old. The children will have their own Bible story, songs and activities through Google Classroom. There will be no infants/toddlers program this year.

For more info on our study, visit:

Please contact your Group Leader if you have any questions or contact if you would like to join.  Log in to for lectures, notes and questions.

Starts: September 15, 20201

Christmas Break: December 20-Jan 3, 2022

Spring Break: March 14, 2022

Sharing Day: May 8 & 11, 2022

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