Why is the church offering this service?

Online purchasing and credit/debit cards usage are much more popular these days, as check usage declines.  Online giving is more convenient than preparing and bringing/mailing checks to church.  The contributions are instantaneous and you get email confirmation.

What are the benefits of online giving?

There are several benefits to online giving for both you and the church.

  • Simplicity – You will not need to remember if you gave this month or pay period, or to send your offering checks when you are out of town.
  • Security – Online giving is more secure than giving with a check—an electronic gift can’t be lost or stolen.
  • No Distractions – Instead writing your contribution check during the service, you can be fully engaged with the worship service, knowing that you have already given your offering.
  • Helping NHPBC – Online contributions require less processing from our administrative and volunteer staff since the information is logged to your donor record and deposited automatically.

How do I make online donations?

Through the church website (www.nhpbc.com) and click on the “Giving” link at the top of the page.

You may make a one-time contribution or set up a secure account with a user name and password to simplify future donations.  You will have instant access to your contribution history as well.  Recurring donations can be set up for any amount and any frequency and can be modified by you at any time.  Ease of payment also helps members budget their contributions throughout the year.

How do I pay?

You may elect to have funds transferred from a checking/savings account or by a debit/credit card payment. Please take into consideration that NHPBC encourages practicing healthy personal finances, particularly with the use of credit cards.

Is it secure?

The payment process meets the strictest standards set by the payment card industry.  Within the church, only the Office Administrator has access to your payment information, and you will continue to receive a yearly statement detailing all contributions/payments to the church.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the donor.  The church incurs a nominal charge for checking/savings contributions and a 2.75% fee for debit/credit card payments.  You have the option of increasing your contribution to cover the card fee (100% tax deductible).

Who provides the service?

We have contracted with Vanco Payment Solutions; a leader in nonprofit and church payment systems in business for 17 years with over 30,000 clients. Visit their website:  http://vancopayments.com/

Where can I get more information?

Please email office@nhpbc.com or call 516-352-9672 if you have any other questions.

How do I delete or change the frequency or amount of my recurring donation?

Sign in to on-line giving with your email address and your password.

  • Then, click on the settings icon in the upper left of the giving block.
  • Next, click on Recurring Donations.   Your recurring gift record will appear.

If you wish to delete or change the frequency or amount of your recurring gift:

  • You will have to delete the existing recurring donation by clicking on the trash can icon.

After deleting the existing recurring donation, you can change the frequency or amount of your recurring gift by:

  • Going back to the giving block.
  • Then, create a new recurring donation with the frequency and amount you desire.