Here at New Hyde Park Baptist Church, we are so thankful for the children that God brings us.  Children are a gift from the Lord and we as a church want to have the same welcoming heart toward young ones that Jesus himself expressed (Matthew 19:13-14).

We recognize that discipleship begins in the home and that the church can’t fulfill the unique role God has given to parents (Ephesians 6:4).  We desire to provide additional opportunities for children to grow in God’s Word.

During the school year, check out our

In the summer. be sure to join us for Vacation Bible School!

While we welcome children of any age in our worship services, we also provide teaching that is especially geared for young ones. During the sermon, we offer Junior Worship in our downstairs classrooms for children from three years old up to third grade.  In addition, a couple of times a month we have a Children’s Talk in the gym after the morning service–children of all ages (and adults for that matter!) are welcome to attend. All activities at New Hyde Park Baptist Church will be cancelled until further notice.