As COVID-19 has impacted so many areas of our lives this year, we cannot overlook how God’s continued Grace and provision in so many ways has faithfully sustained us through these difficult days. We are called to occupy until the Lord’s return and to preach the Gospel to all creation. With this in our hearts, we hope to continue serving the Lord by spreading His word to the unreached through Operation Christmas Child.

Last year we were blessed to pack 489 boxes at our packing party with another 27 boxes provided by individuals- with a total of 516 boxes sent. We know that this ministry changes lives for Christ not just for the children who learn the message through “The Greatest Journey” but also for their families and communities.

This year, we are trusting the Lord to continue this mission in several ways as a church. Our plan is to provide several safe ways you can participate:

  1. You can build a Virtual Shoebox.  Samaritans Purse has clear instructions at samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child.  The fee is $25.
  2. You can pack your own box.  Preprinted boxes will be available in the vestibule with labels and instructions in the coming months. Updates will follow.
  3. You may donate items listed below.  Below is a list of items we hope to collect in our OCC box in the church vestibule. Keep a copy or picture of the list on your cell phone to help you shop.
  4. You may donate money to offer financial assistance for shipping costs or the purchase of items.  Checks can be made out to New Hyde Park Baptist Church.  Please include “OCC” on the memo line and drop off your checks in the donation box located in the back of the sanctuary.
  5. Definitely pray for OCC!  Pray for your part in bringing His light to the darkness and spreading the gospel around the world!

God bless you as you bless these children with the ministry of Operation Christmas Child!

Dates to keep in mind:

Sunday 10/25/20: Last day for item collection

Sunday 11/15/20: Collection day for all your self-packed boxes

Click here for details on Operation Christmas Child.

Please contact Linda Jensen at Hanlinjens@optonline.net if you have any questions.