Since January 2017, the men of New Hyde Park Baptist Church have gathered on Saturday mornings for a monthly Resolute Men’s Breakfast. A crew of faithful men get up well before dawn and prepare a hearty and delicious meal for men who come hungry at 7am—hungry for food, fellowship and a deep dig into an inductive Bible study and a challenge on how to walk closer with the Lord.

Every gathering of the Resolute Men’s Breakfasts is an opportunity for men to fill their hearts and minds with the nourishment of God’s truth among fellow brothers in Christ.  Starting this fall, the men will be getting fighting fit by studying lessons on building a man’s spiritual fitness.

Men, come join in with other men in this resolution to pursue a godly life and honor the Lord as a person of influence in every sphere of life. Make the monthly Resolute Men’s Breakfasts an anchor point for that endeavor. You will leave each time filled with a great breakfast, but more importantly, filled with an understanding of God’s Word and a knowledge that you are part of a band of brothers determined to live a life worthy of the calling we have received.

Monthly on Saturdays – 7:00am

Resumes – October 15, 2022

Please check our event calendar for the monthly meetings.